What Every Business that Uses an Elevator has in Common

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There are many types of businesses that will need a lift installed in their facility. Office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, apartment buildings and warehouses may all have a use for lift installation in Singapore. Using the right lift for the right situation is important, and a professional company can help a building owner decide which one will be right for the property.


Warehouses require the use of cargo lifts. These lifts are much bigger than the average lift and are rated for larger amounts of weight. Many people don’t give this much thought, but the reason that a lift has a weight restriction is because of the cables that are used to raise and lower the elevator. If someone loads a ton of weight on a standard elevator, then the cables could snap and cause a terrible accident. Even a warehouse with a regular elevator will need to have a cargo elevator installed if they need to move heavy products or equipment between floors.


While residential lifts aren’t as common, there are people who do have them installed in their homes. A residential lift can actually be quite small and economical because it can be built to hold a single person that doesn’t exceed a certain amount of weight, such as 300 pounds. While lift installation in Singapore for a residential property isn’t cheap by any means, a homeowner doesn’t need to have an elevator installed that would accommodate constant use or a large number of people like an office would need.

Office Buildings and Hospitals

Office buildings and hospitals may have a mix of lifts in their buildings. An office building may need to have a freight elevator to move equipment or other items, and then a regular suite of elevators for regular use. A hospital will need elevators that can accommodate visitors to the facility as well as lifts that can fit whole beds, equipment and staff at the same time.

The bottom line is that different types of buildings have different needs for the type of elevator that they might need. However, the thing they all have in common is the need for safe elevators and regular maintenance. Working with the right company can ensure that from installation to continued use, a lift provides long service safely for those that use it.



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