All About the Ridiculous Supercars That Are Taking Driving Car Tech To The Next Level

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The thing that is the craze now in the automotive industry is the automated driving car technology. These cars are slated to be the automobiles of the future, and including supercars in this field is not surprising. People tend to think of those who drive the supercars, such as the Ferrari and the Lamborghini, as being above everyone else, and so may think they are above the law. This article will address the Ridiculous Supercars That Are Taking Driving Car Tech To The Next Level, and what to do if a ticket is issued for being a drunk driver in one.

News about the Self-Driving Cars

The idea of a self-driving car is still relatively new for people to wrap their brains around. There is talk about how certain criminal charges will be affected if a person is stopped while in such a car, listed as the driver, even though the car is practically driving itself. More importantly, if there are people who own a supercar in the self-driving car technology, will they be subjected to the same rules as everyone else?

What to Do if You Are Stopped and Charged with a DUI in a Self-Driving Car

Obviously, the courts are going to look at the case with interest in a person who gets a ticket for drunk driving, although the car was “driving itself.” The person will still be charged because he or she is ultimately responsible for the vehicle. In such cases, the person will need to hire the services of an attorney who is skilled at dealing with this novel idea of a self-driving car. Matters will come into play that prosecuting attorneys had not considered before.

An Attorney who May Be Able to Help

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