Addressing Our Own Attitudes about Driving: Steps to Take

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When people consider attitudes, they may often envision pugnacious situations with relatives or friends. They might not think about how their attitudes toward driving affect the way they actually operate a car. The process of addressing our own attitudes about driving can lead people away from dangerous or even fatal situations when in the car.

The Responsibility of Driving

Some individuals consider driving to be a natural right. They assume that since they live in a place where they can procure a license that they are entitled to that license. Altering this perspective is useful. Driving should be viewed as a responsibility. When people are given new responsibilities at work, it is generally because they have earned these responsibilities. Driving is the same concept. If people do not operate cars correctly, they should be aware that this responsibility could be revoked.

State of Mind

Others do not think that their state of mind affects how they drive the cars. As a result, they drive their cars after they have consumed alcohol. Alcohol changes the state of one’s mind. Therefore, it is difficult for intoxicated people to actually assess whether or not they can drive. In addition, some people will drive when they are exhausted. They might not have slept for a couple of days, and they may still drive. Operating a vehicle under this level of exhaustion can be dangerous and even fatal as well.


When some people get into their cars, they think that the road ahead has been made for them. Changing that attitude is important because drivers need to remember that they are sharing the road with others. Some of these others are operating their own cars, but some are trying to cross the road, and some are representative of animal life. Recognizing that the road is a shared space can change the way that people approach driving.

Addressing attitudes about driving is a smart way to change the way that cars are operated. In this self-examination, people may realize that they have been treating their cars in ways that can lead to serious accidents or even death of themselves or others.



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